Why Nepalese ?
As mentioned, Nepal is endowed with distinct geographical situations. This, simultaneously, contributes to produce the distinctive qualities of the Nepalese Human Capital.
Honesty, diligent, devotion and hard work are the major traits of Nepalese people, which help them to be familiarized across the world.
Owing to the unprecedented dedication to work and honesty, many foreign employers have paid their attention to Nepalese labors. Our proven record of last few years depicts the same trends and tendencies.
More fundamentally, the major traits of Nepalese labors, which resulted in raising their demands, are that:


1. They deserve extreme sense of responsibility, discipline and work ethic.
2. They have strong sense of loyalty and devotion to their duty.
3. They are, prima facia, peace loving by nature.
4. They do have adoptability of extreme climatic conditions.
5. They are accustomed to follow the principle of "work more and talk less."