Agency Agreement
Specimen of Business Agreement     

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This agreement is made between (Name of the employer Company) address………………………………………………………………(hereinafter called the first party) and Vishwas Overseas Services (P.) Ltd. Government Licence No. 965/067/68, Kathmandu Nepal.(hereinafter called the second party) under the following terms and conditions.
1. The first party agree to enter into the agreement with second party to supply Nepalese Manpower of different categories such as skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers, the numbers and qualification in respect there of are to be specified by the first party through Demand Letter.
2. The first party agrees to advice to the second party of its personnel requirements from Nepal through cable, telex or letter, specifying personnel requirements, their requirements, their respective job description, salaries, other term and conditions and desired mobilization date on the respective site.

3. The second party shall be responsible for short listing of qualified candidates in conformity with the first party. The second party should notify the first party of such short listed qualified candidates who are ready for final interview and selection. The first party has the right to enter send his representative or gives the second party the right to select, process and send such selected workers at the second party of full guarantee.

4. The second party at his own expense arranges and is responsible for all processing requirements including medical examination, government permits, passports, visa stamping and other official requirements, which are necessary for the employment of the selected workers in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.
5. The second party should clearly inform the candidate about the salary is being paid by the first party and other term and condition mentioned in employment contract in their own language.
6. If the first party wants to repatriate any employee’s back because of misbehavior/ disobeys the management, indiscipline or lack of performance, first party must inform second party at least 1 month before.

7. The first party should pay the air ticket for the return journey after the completion of contractual period.

In witness where of the parties here to duly signed this agreement on this day and the year here in above written.
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