Power of Attorney
Specimen of Power of Attorney      

(Company Letter Head with Full Address)


Vishwas Overseas Services (P.) Ltd.
Government License No: 965/067/68
Kathmandu, Nepal.


We do hereby appoint MS/ Vishwas Overseas Services (P.) Ltd. of Nepal, Overseas Employment Agency Licensed by His Majesty Government Ministry of Labor No........ to be our true and lawful attorney and recruiting agent in Nepal for the purpose of handling all the affairs associated with recruiting of workers for employment with our company, to sign all necessary documents and employment contracts required by the laws and regulation of Nepal on behalf of our company.

Company Seal
Attestation of Chamber of Commerce or Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Employer Country.

Company's Seal: __________________

Note: This specimen should be typed on employer 's letterhead both in English & Local Language and must be attested by Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Nepalese Embassy in your country.