Contract Paper

Specimen of Contract Paper

(Company Letter head with full address)


Vishwas Overseas Services (P.) Ltd.
Government License No: 716/064/065
Kathmandu, Nepal.




This Employment Contract is made and entered into on this day …………Month of …..(year) by and between (Name of the Employer Company) and (Name of the Employee) are agreed to bind themselves with the following terms and condition.

1. Number of workers :


2. Job Title :


3. Contract period :


4. Monthly Salary :
a) Food :
b) Accommodation :
c) Transport :
d) Overtime :
f) Medical :
g) Working Hours :
h) Working Days :
i) Termination of service :
j) Deceased :
k) Leave :

Signature and Seal of the Employer Company   Signature of Employee.
    Designation Name.
    Passport No

Attestation of Chamber of Commerce or Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Employer Country.